My mother is a talented textile artist. I grew up to the rhythmic sound of her loom as she wove beautiful rugs and fabrics. She was always generous with letting me use her sewing machine or supplies and encouraged experimenting with anything textile.

Shortly after 9-11, I had an overwhelming need to get back to those DIY roots, and asked her to teach me to knit. Something about the precise structure, the endless possibilities, the freedom and security that comes from being able to create, from scratch, made it an ideal craft for me. I soon began designing my own knitting pattern and my first pattern, Hush Hush, was published in the Knitty Magazine Summer 2004 issue.

More patterns followed


and before long my patterns



   Creative Knitting Issue 1/06 is no longer available. Stay turned for an updated pattern available here soon!

were being featured in books and magazines (click picture for more information on these publications).

I also have patterns


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