I like to make things.

I wish I could be more specific, but to be honest, there is no narrowing it down.

Sometimes I make things out of stitches.

I really try to make things out of old things, out of worn things, from scratch, even when it might be easier and quicker to buy those things in the store.

I’m a DIY’er living in an out-sourced, ready-made, disposable world. And I’m pretty okay with that.

Sometimes I make food. Most of the time I make it vegan (okay, all of the time), and it’s always healthy.

I make believe — I always have.

I make things for other people. I make things for myself. I make words into sentences into paragraphs into content into stories and poems and scripts and beyond.

I try to make sense when I do.

Sometimes I sell the vintage things other people made or collected and left behind in my store, The Old Pitts Homestead.

Often times, I make things just to make them….because making makes me happy.

Maybe it’s a simple, innate, human condition…to create. To make the world a better place…just a little more beautiful than we found it.

Because that just might be the whole point.

And just like there is no narrowing it down, there is no stopping it either. (Why would anyone want to anyhow?)

So join me.

There is no right or wrong. No good or bad.

Just making.

So go on…

Make Ad Lib