Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps

Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps

These Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps are just the thing to make when it’s too hot to make anything!

It’s hot.

I think the whole country can agree, it’s ridiculously hot this summer.

Beyond feeling cranky and lethargic, this weather makes me really, really not want to cook.

Or spend time in the kitchen.

Or do anything that might raise my body temp above meditative.

But there are really only so many popsicles and frozen berries a person can eat before the body starts to demand something more…substantial.

My Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps are just that. Made with riced cauliflower, dried apricots, and crunchy, creamy pine nuts, they taste hearty and satisfying, but come together quickly and without using any heat.

Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps

I prefer to wrap them up into crisp lettuce leaves, but you can also try rolling them into tortillas, grape leaves, or rice paper (if you’ve got a knack for rolling, which I clearly don’t).

Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps

Or you could also just munch on it right out of the bowl.

Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps

Like I said, minimal effort wins points here!

Stay cool, Makers!

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If you try my Savory Apricot Lettuce Wraps recipe, I’d love to hear what you think!! Please leave a comment below, or instagram with the hashtag #makeadlib . Don’t forget to tag @makeadlib so I can see your delicious creation!


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