Vegan Corn Relish Bread

Vegan Corn Relish Bread

A delicious, sweet and savory vegan quick bread recipe made with corn relish.

I come from a long line of homesteaders. My parents always built everything from scratch, grew all of our food, and many late summers of my youth growing up in South Dakota were spent next to a pot of boiling water, stocked with mason jars, as my mother sealed in the harvest from our garden.

I have fond memories of scaling the well-stocked shelves of jars in the basement to reach the brandy-soaked peaches at the top. I can put away a whole delicious sticky-sweet jar in one sitting!

My parents no longer live in that South Dakota homestead, or outside of a metropolitan area, but that doesn’t mean their summer garden harvests are ever puny:

garden harvest • make ad lib

or their basement shelves aren’t fully stocked:

canned goods • make ad lib

My parents inspire some serious #homesteadgoals! I am too happy to raid make room on their shelves when ever I visit.

Enter Corn Relish:

vegan corn relish • make ad lib

I took home a ton, as it seems the other raiders space-makers aren’t as fond of the stuff.

I love relish! I love corn! I was ecstatic!

After a week of eating relish on chips, on bread, on vegetables, and with a counter full of jars that wouldn’t fit into my pantry, I knew something had to be done.

But what to do with a bajillion jars of corn relish? What new thing could I make that would use up a lot of relish without making it feel like I was eating so much relish? Then it hit me: corn bread!

A little testing, a little tweaking, and voila!

vegan corn relish bread • make ad lib
vegan corn relish bread • Make Ad Lib

Jars are emptied, ready for next season’s canning session.

Counter-space is restored.

Freezer-space is packed with Corn Relish Bread.

Now…what to do with all the bags of frozen berries melting on my counter?

If you try my Vegan Corn Relish Bread recipe, I’d love to hear what you think!! Please leave a comment below, or instagram with the hashtag #makeadlib . Don’t forget to tag @makeadlib so I can see your delicious creation!



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