Why Shop Vintage?

Why Shop Vintage?

Why shop vintage in our ready-made, disposable world? Here are four great reasons.

If you’re reading this, odds are you are a vintage-lover, or are at least have some interest in vintage items (like me).

There is no denying that vintage style is having a moment right now. From #tbt and #vintagelife hashtags, to the plethora of vintage hairstyle tutorials and clothing instagrams, to the abundance of period pieces on tv, vintage is hot! But beyond the history, nostalgia and trendiness, why does it make sense to incorporate vintage into your life? Here are four great reasons:

• It’s Sustainable

Vintage items have already been manufactured, and giving them a second life not only saves them from the landfill, but also slows the demand and subsequent manufacturing of new products. The average American disposes of over 25 pounds of clothing per year, and the methane created by fabric deterioration in our landfills is responsible for 10% of carbon emissions!

And that’s just clothing!

It’s a hard truth to accept, but we just have too much stuff on this planet – most of which ends up in a landfill or the ocean long before it’s usefulness has expired. Our trash is literally killing us.

The good news is that we can make our purchases matter! Just imagine if everyone adopted a less-disposable approach to the things we use in our daily life. We could not only extend the lives and value of good products already in circulation, but have an overwhelmingly positive environmental impact as well.

• It’s Durable

There’s a reason vintage items are still around! Customer demand for cheaper, faster merchandise has created products that are immediately available for lower cost, but unfortunately don’t stand the test of time.
Case in point, prior to a recent move, the moving company wouldn’t guarantee my big box store dressers would withstand the haul, since they are constructed with such fragile materials. As one mover put it, “They aren’t meant to be moved until you’re throwing them out.”

Vintage items were created with durability in mind, so they often are easier to repair and restore than modern items. And sometimes the wear and tear can even add to the aesthetic! I’m looking at you, adorable shabby-chic Sunshine Merribell Sugar Wafer Tin!

Vintage Sunshine Merribell Sugar Wafer Tin
Sunshine Merribell Sugar Wafer Tin at The Old Pitts Homestead

• It’s Timeless

Style is circular, and what comes around goes around. Current fashion always borrows from tried-and-true styles and lines from the past. Last decade’s fashion will be next decade’s trend, which is why choosing to shop vintage is always a wise investment.

Victorian Vintage Lingerie Corset Shirt  • SOLD •
Check out more victorian vintage at The Old Pitts Homestead
Victorian Vintage Lingerie Corset Shirt • SOLD •
Check out more victorian vintage at The Old Pitts Homestead

Plus, vintage items tell a story and invoke nostalgia in a way modern pieces can’t quite (yet!). And turns out, nostalgia is actually good for your brain, giving you a psychological lift and boosting motivation.

• It’s Unique

Unlike items that are mass-produced and can be readily picked up at your favorite store, vintage items are often one-of-a-kind. You don’t have to worry about cookie cutter decor or showing up to a party with the same dress as another guest. You can truly show off your own unique style!
I dare you to find another Specks The Dog Figurine in the world!

Vintage Specks The Dog Figurine
Specks The Dog Figurine at The Old Pitts Homestead

So go ahead, start living that #vintagelife!

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