Hush • Hush

Hush • Hush

Knit this sexy, 1920s inspired nightie with beautiful lacy edging and a ribbon detail hem.

Hush • Hush was the first pattern I ever designed.

I had just learned to knit a year before, and I took to it like gangbusters! Knitting regular old patterns just wasn’t enough — I was itching to make my own stuff. So when the (then) new online knitting magazine, Knitty, put out a call for submissions for their upcoming Sex And The Knitty issue, I knew I had to throw my hat –  or nightie, so-to-speak –  in the ring. 

I’ve always been a lover of vintage clothing and have amassed quite a collection over the years (I actually have some of it for sale in my vintage Etsy store, The Old Pitts Homestead, because really, how much vintage clothing does one girl need?), so I knew I wanted something with sexy retro style.

Once I saw the gorgeous peachy-pink Cotton Pearl from Halcyon Yarns, I knew a 1920s nightie was in order.

Yarn always inspires my designer brain!

So I set to sketching, crunching numbers, swatching and knitting, and finally, when it was finished, I sent in my submission to Knitty. I would have been happy no matter what happened after that, because omg I designed an actual knitting pattern — and it actually worked!

Getting accepted into the Sex And The Knitty issue was just icing on the cake! Or the cat’s pajamas. Bees knees. You get the point.

I still have a little leftover cone of Halycon Cotton Pearl – to be honest I’ll probably keep it forever. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and this yarn symbolizes my discovery of something essential to me – my love of designing.

I mean, I love to knit. I’ve loved it from the moment I cast on my first garter stitch row.

But I love designing.

I love creating something that’s never been before.

I love taking a set of variables – yarn, needles, problem or idea – and mixing it into my own unique creation.

I love to make.

And this dress, this pattern, is the realization of that essential part of me. It will always hold it’s place close to my creative little, vintage-loving heart.

Hush • Hush 

Inspired by the sexy, ultra-feminine undergarments of the 1920s, this little nightie is just the thing to slip on after a fun evening of dancing, or before a fun evening at home!

Don’t let the small gauge scare you off! The light and slinky feel of the Cotton Pearl is a dream to wear while lounging or sipping martinis with your favorite sugar daddy. The top lace section is stretchy, so select your size according to your hip measurement to ensure proper swing while doing the Charleston.

The extra bold will wear this in public with dungarees or just bare powdered knees.


S [M, L]

Chest: 34 [39, 44] inches
Hip: 40 [45, 50]
Length: 31 [32, 33] inches


  • Halcyon Yarn Inc [3/2 Pearl Cotton; 180 yd per mini cone]; color: 175; 6 [7, 8] skeins
  • US # 2/2.75mm 36-inch circular needle
  • US # 3/3.25mm 36-inch circular needle
  • 13 feet of .5-inch Satin Ribbon or desired length
  • Thread and needle


31 sts/ 39 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch

This pattern is available for FREE on Knitty. You can also find out more and/or connect with fellow knitters’ Hush•Hush nighties on Ravelry!

If you try my Hush • Hush pattern, I’d love to hear what you think!! Please leave a comment below or instagram with the hashtag #makeadlib . Don’t forget to tag @makeadlib so I can see your beautiful creation!








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